My Simple Writing Journey (thus far…)

When I was about 11 or 12 years old, my family bought an Xbox 360. One of the first games we got to play was Halo: Reach (not a good idea for crazy kid that I was). I remember being totally obsessed with it! I played for hours upon hours; it enthralled me.

I loved the characters, the story, the action, everything. It was the only video game I would ever need, it seemed.

But eventually, I needed more. Not more video games, more Halo: Reach. I could only play campaign so much! I wanted more of the characters, a new story. Obviously I wasn’t getting that anytime soon (the next Halo game didn’t come out for another 2 years!).

So I decided: I would create a new Halo story. Now, I was always reluctant to even write things for schoolwork; how could I possibly write a story? I didn’t think I could do it.

But I did it anyway. I didn’t care how much I loathed writing in school…the idea wouldn’t let me go. I had to write something.

So I sat at down at our dinosaur computer, scooted up to the desk, opened up a Word doc. It was happening.

My fingers found the keyboard, froze. No words came. Why? It couldn’t be that hard, could it? I sat there, thinking, for a good 5 minutes (I swear it was actually an hour).

Then it came. Words! A story idea! Characters!

My fingers pounded on the keys. The story poured onto the page. It was fun. The action, the characters, just writing in general.

It took me about 3 days to finish the story. 9 whole, shiny pages…

…That sucked. A lot.

Of course, I didn’t think so then. It was the best thing I’d ever read! I wanted the world to read it.

Thankfully, the world hasn’t to this day.

But after that day, after I’d finished a story and received the satisfaction thereof, I didn’t want it to end. So I kept writing. But not Halo fanfic anymore. My own ideas. My own stories, with my own characters…and now they suck a lot less. (But they can still suck when I’m not feeling it…thank God I discovered editing, LOL!)

And I love it.

I’ve been writing for 6 years now. Only a few have been finished, and new ideas never stop coming. It’s more frustrating than anything, but the journey is worth it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Every time I sit down in front of a keyboard to pour words onto a page (whether dry or dripping with greatness), I’m brought back to that day, 6 years ago, as a naïve kid who only wanted more Halo goodness. And that’s my inspiration.

Funny how such simple, whimsical things can bring one so far. 🙂


10 thoughts on “My Simple Writing Journey (thus far…)

  1. H.M. Wilson says:

    Haha! I love this… You started out by writing fanfiction!! That’s awesomeness. 😀 I wrote several chapters of a crappy Sherlock fanfic before the infamous Season 3 aired—all because I NEEDED more story & character feels! (And I might have published them in an obscure place that I hope shall never see the light of day again… *winces*)

    I’m so pumped about your blog, man! Forgive me if I blow up your inbox because of numerous comments… XD

    Liked by 2 people

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