How this blog came to be

When I joined Twitter last year (I’VE ALMOST BEEN ON TWITTER FOR A YEAR YOU GUYS), I met lots and lots of great writers that eventually came to be friends and fellow flailers. They all had blogs, and here I was…


For years, I wanted a blog. But I didn’t have the time or dedication to actually make one. I told myself I would just wait until I became an author, then make a full-blown, fancy-schmany website. My own website. I could do without a blog.


I started getting hounded (I say this lovingly, okay?) by my Tweeps: “ZAC WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A BLOG?”, “DO YOU HAVE A BLOG ZAC?”, “WHEN’S THIS BLOG-THING GONNA HAPPEN, ZAC?” “ZAC ZAC ZAC, BLOG BLOG BLOG.”

Honestly, I loved it. So many people were saying I should start a blog! Maybe it wouldn’t be such a hard, time-consuming thing… 🙂

So I agreed. I said, “What the heck?” A blog was starting to sound fun! I announced a blog would be coming in 2016.

Then 2016 rolled around. AND SUDDENLY I WAS COMPLETELY UNPREPARED. This blog thing was actually happening… *shrill in the distance*

It was time. I gathered together my Twitter/writer friends and told them I needed ALL THE HELP. And they were so encouraging, so uplifting, so helpful, so…fantastic! This blog wouldn’t have launched tonight (or at all) without them. So thank you and a round of applause to each and every one of you! You know who you are. 😉

I hope through Of Bleeding Pens and Pages, writers and readers alike can come together and escape from the outside world to dive into and discuss all things bookish. I don’t just want any other blog…I want a blog that inspires. That warms hearts and speaks to souls. That makes people want to come back and visit again because once wasn’t enough!

If just one person is inspired by Of Bleeding Pens and Pages, my mission has been a success.


8 thoughts on “How this blog came to be

  1. H.M. Wilson says:

    Hehehe… Sorry-not-sorry for being one of those who bugged you for a blog!! 🙂 I think you will thoroughly enjoy it, though. I think your writing style is very suited to blogging & writing in a personable manner. I’m over-the-moon excited to watch your baby-blog grow up!! *squeals*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zac Tyson says:

      I’m glad you nudged me enough to actually make a blog!! 😉 You played a big part in all this!!
      Awww thank you. I appreciate that. It’s kinda relieving to hear my writing style is blog-approved… 😮
      AS AM I!! He’s getting so big already…

      Liked by 1 person

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