Scarlet Moon // Meet Jayden Jorah

Hello everyone! Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to S.D. Grimm, author of the newly released Scarlet Moon! This book sounds absolutely AMAZING – I’m talking heart-pounding, jaw-dropping, mouth-foaming, deliciously amazing. *shamelessly wipes fanboy sweat off brow*

To hold you over, here’s a little bit about Scarlet Moon.


Destiny can pick someone else.

Evil is slipping through the cracks of its prison, and all Soleden trembles in its wake. Yet some would harness that evil to their own ends, and first among them is Idla, the sorceress queen bent on distorting the world.

Only one can stand in her way: Jayden. Upon realizing her mark as the prophesied Deliverer, Jayden conceals herself from her enemies and her Feravolk countrymen. But after the harm the Feravolk caused to her family, she s loath to rescue the not-so-innocent.

Hiding her mark was never easy, but now that Jayden knows both Queen Idla and the Feravolk are after her, hiding her gift of the Blood Moon will be impossible.


WOOOOOOW. I’m incapable of *NOT* flailing when I read that synopsis and thinking about how awesome this book is going to be. AHHHHH. (Also, Kirk DouPonce did this cover – ISN’T IT AMAZING? I want to pet it for many days. Ahem.)

Well, you’ll get to meet the protagonist of Scarlet Moon in JUST A SECOND! And you guys, this girl sounds seriously kick-butt. I CAN’T WAIT to learn more about her. She sounds like my kind of heroine. But before we get started, here’s a few words from S.D. Grimm herself. Hope you guys enjoy! *fades into shadows* *but not creepily, because I’m giggling way too happily about this*


Hey! S.D. Grimm here. I am really excited for this guest blog post today. Not only do I get to talk about my novel Scarlet Moon, but I also get to do something really fun, and that is talk about my main character: Jayden Jorah.

 A little bit about Jayden’s appearance first:

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Medium brown with some red highlights.

Height: 5’ 3”

Distinguishing features: A birthmark that looks just like the moon only it’s blood red.




Now there is more than one main character in the Children of the Blood Moon series (of which Scarlet Moon is the first book), but Jayden’s story really takes the lead in this book for a number of reasons. I wanted a really awesome heroine, but I also wanted someone real. Someone relatable.

Jayden is those things. She has honest fears and doubts, and overcoming them is a big part of her story.


 What Jayden likes most about herself: Her ability to spar with daggers and a sword and to throw knives. I’m not going to lie; she’s really good at it.

What she likes least about herself: Her emotional side. She’s an empath, and sometimes feeling all those emotions get in the way. Also, she has a big problem with fear. She fears stepping out of her comfort zone and leaving what she knows.

What she wants to do with her life: Become a wise woman and eventually a doctor.

Jayden’s biggest fear: Moving away from her home and family and the things that she believes define her.

People she’s closest to: Her brothers and her best friend/betrothed Ryan. She’s kind of a tomboy and doesn’t have that many close female friends.

Her deepest secret: Children of the Blood Moon like Jayden have special talents and abilities given to them—they’re all marked by the Blood Moon birthmark. Jayden’s biggest secret is some of her talents. No one knows she can actually feel other people’s emotions and make them her own.

Has she ever been in love? Well, she loves Ryan, her betrothed, but she’s not ready to marry him. Some of it is the fear of leaving her comfort zone—that includes her friendship with him. She’s not sure how much things will change when she moves from friend to wife. And she’s not sure she’s ready.


Here are some fun facts about Jayden.

Favorite color: Green. Specifically the green the sky gets right before a storm.

Myers Briggs Personality Type: ISFJ

Theme song: “Shatter Me” by Lindsey Stirling

Hobbies: Sparring, horseback riding, cooking, and archery.

Favorite animal: Horse. She wears a necklace that used to be her mother’s, and the white, wooden charm is a horse.


I hope you have as much fun getting to know Jayden as I had writing her story!


*bursts out of shadows* WASN’T THAT SO FUN? DOESN’T JAYDEN SOUND SO FUN? Wow, I can’t wait to read Scarlet Moon and discovers Sarah’s writing genius!

Thank you, Sarah, for letting me participate in your blog tour. Make sure you grab a copy of Scarlet Moon, out now from Enclave Publishing!


Here’s the links to Sarah’s social medias (GO CHECK HER OUT SHE’S AMAZING AND SO NICE):



Website, blog, and newsletter.


Scarlet Moon on Amazon:



S. D. Grimm’s first love in writing is young adult speculative fiction. She is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency and her debut novel, Scarlet Moon, is slated to be published in October 2016. When she’s not writing or editing, Sarah enjoys reading (of course!), making clay dragons for her Grimmlies store on Etsy, practicing kickboxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu, training dogs, and doing anything outdoorsy with the family. Her office is anywhere she can curl up with her laptop and at least one large-sized dog.



Ending Fear Cover Reveal

That’s right! Cover reveal #2! (Coincidentally, for another YA dystopian)

(…Don’t judge me, I love dystopian. A lot. But this really was a coincidence, I swear.)

Okay, so little story. I connected with a sweet lady on Twitter a few months ago named Deanna Fugett. She had just been contracted with Love2ReadLove2Writer Publishing for her YA dystopian Ending Fear. With my obsession with all things dystopian, I decided I had to figure out more about this book. So I scrambled to her website to read the summary.


But it doesn’t come out till next year (WHYYYY DO BOOK RELEASES TAKE SO LONG???). Sooooo I decided I’d do the next best thing: sign up for the cover reveal.

Because why the heck not am I right?

So, without further ado, I present the cover and synopsis of Ending Fear! *flails away*

untitled.png (AHHHHHHHH)

Fourteen-year-old Fear learns she was a parachute baby, dumped over the edge of the Gliding Lands as an infant. Running from her abusive Downer family, Fear discovers a new family. One who knows how to love. But then her new little sister is kidnapped and sold to a harem. Fear must go against her namesake and journey to the dreaded Gliding Lands before the little girl’s innocence is ripped from her forever. Can she save Happy in time?
Deanna Fugett’s heart belongs to writing. Author of edgy YA Dystopian fiction with an underlying message of hope, this stay-at-home mom of four focuses on writing as much as humanly possible. She was published at the young age of six in a local newspaper and is excited to be published again. It only took twenty-six years. She enjoys the thrill of writing fiction that deals with intense topics and prays it will impact people for the better.

A Time to Rise Cover Reveal


Image result for run around screaming gif

*ahem* I have something to share with you humans today.


Of course you don’t, how could you? (Or maybe you do, ya freaking psychic) (Or maybe you just read the title of this post, eh?) So, let me tell you a story.

Once Upon A Time, long ago (about last September), I read a book. It was a nice book. I loved it muchly. Then I loved it a little more. And then, guess what? I LOVED IT WITH ALL MY ENTIRE BEING AND DEVOTED MY EMOTIONS TO IT FOR ALL OF ETERNITY.

This book is called A Time to Die.

You may have heard of it. If you know me at all, you know Nadine Brandes is a dear friend of mine. She’s a beautiful soul who can write a beast of a book like a freaking boss. That’s everything I look for in a human being. (Good human companions are hard to come by these days, you know) You also probably know that A Time to Die is one of my favorite books*, as is A Time to Speak. I love the messages the stories hold. They’re inspiring and powerful and so close to my heart. So, naturally I’m so excited for the last book (DOES IT REALLY HAVE TO BE THE LASSSSSSTTT, NADINE?) and had to hop on the bandwagon of revealing the cover to the world!

*(how a book becomes one of my favorites: if there’s death, blood, induces feels, and has a message in its madness. yes, this is the perfect book.)

So, are we ready?

No, of course you’re not ready.

Image result for rumplestiltskin gif


Image result for crowd cheering gif

THAT’S MORE LIKE IT. *admires my vast armies*

Image result for regina once upon a time gifs

Okay, no really, time to get serious.

Image result for im super serious meme


Here we go.

It’s happening.

It’s for real.

(keep scrolling)

Okay, you’re probably so irritated with me right now.




I AM DEAD. (*wink wink Nadine* 😉)

ATimetoRiseCover (Cover done by Kirk DouPonce, DogEared Design)


What more can you sacrifice than your life?

Parvin Blackwater is dead.

At least…that’s what the Council—and the world—thinks. But her sacrifice tore down part of the Wall long enough to stir up hope and rebellion in the people. Now she will rise again. Strong, free, and fearless.

Parvin and Solomon must uncover the mysterious clues that Jude left behind in order to destroy the projected Wall once and for all. Meanwhile, the Council schemes to new levels of technology in its attempts to keep the people contained. Can a one-handed Radical and a scarred ex-Enforcer really bring shalom to the world?


Isn’t it gorgeous??? Isn’t that blurb amazing?!?! *so many heart-eye emojis* I think it’s my favorite yet, and that’s saying something! Just…oooooh I can’t handle the awesome!

Are you as stoked as I am for this book? I’m going to devour the heck out of it as soon as it touches my hands!

A Time to Rise releases October 14, 2016 from Enclave Publishing (an imprint of Gilead Publishing), so DON’T FORGET. MARK YOUR CALENDARS. I WILL. And if you haven’t read this series, I highly encourage you to! It changed my writing/reading/life in general, and though I’m sad it’s ending so soon, I can’t wait to read it and see how Parvin’s journey comes to a close.

And here’s a cool countdown graphic for the release! (you can include one on your website too by following the link)

I’ll be leaving a bunch of links down below you can check out (including Enclave’s website, because they’re just that awesome), but other than that, that’s a wrap! So you can just stare at this cover forever, like I’m going to.

Enclave Publishing’s Website:

Nadine’s Links:

Links to the previous preciouses:

~A Time to Die:


Barnes & Noble:

Book Depository:



~A Time to Speak:


Barnes & Noble:

Book Depository:


And here’s a Goodreads link for A Time to Rise:


Recap and future things//many words about The WIP//Camp NaNo happenings

*logs onto blog* WAIT WHAT. No, this can’t be right. I haven’t blogged since February? Where, eh, where did all of my posts from the last 4 months go? >.> They should be here somewhere?

Heh. Okay. So, life’s been crazy. You all know how it is. It doesn’t help that I’m 18 now, and graduated, so you know, #adulting. (It’s painful) I swear I haven’t been neglecting the Blog Baby, it’s just I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been graced with the time to sit down and be faithful with it. But that changes, starting now. I hope to have a blog post at least every other week, starting this month. I KNOW THE WAIT MUST HAVE BEEN AGONIZING, REALLY. BUT IT’S ALL BETTER NOW, FEAR NOT. ^_^


Anyway. Onto actual blog things. To start off, I thought I’d give a brief recap and what’s been going on with me (if you even care a little. If not, keep scrollingggg, no hurt feelings here!).

~I GRADUATED. Yes, yes, I know! Much excitement! It was quite glorious and awfully grand. My reception was book-themed. It was so pleasing to this book-dragon’s heart. There was so much vintage-ness (vintagity? vintagial?) and many Tolkien and Lewis quotes and even some from Mary Weber*. High school is over, adulting ahead. Let the Hunger Games begin.

*If you do not know who Mary Weber is, you obviously have not spent 10 minutes with me or seen any of my tweets…(you must fix this)

~I’M GOING TO COLLEGE. I literally got my acceptance letter/schedule this week, so this is fairly recent news. But still, YAY. I will be studying psychology with a minor (for now) in photo journalism, with plans to be a clinical counselor for children. Yes, I love every little munchkin I’ve ever met and want to keep them all. (Nope. You know what, that’s too creepy. Let’s disregard that entire last sentence, yeah? Okay, good.) It’s destined that I work with them and help them out anyway I can!

~I’M GOING TO REALM MAKERS. Yes, that’s right, I’M GOING TO BE WITH MY PEOPLE. *screech of a thousand pterodactyls* I’ll be hitting the road (or taking flight, not sure yet) in 3 weeks to my very first writers’ conference. AND I WILL SEE SOME OF MY FRIENDS, TOO. INCLUDING NADINE BRANDES. REMEMBER HER??? I have no chill about any of this. (If you don’t know what Realm Makers is, you can find out here!)


Well, I suppose that’s all the really important things to recap on. Life’s been crazy, full of writing and adventures with friends, and learning day by day how Big and Gracious and Loving my Jesus is. But now…now we must talk about writerly things.

Oh yes. Here. We. Go.

For several, several months now I’ve been working on a story called These the Restorers. It’s YA epic fantasy, all those good titles, but this story. This story means something to me. For you writers out there, you know when you write stories, and they’re all good and fun, but then you write that one. That one story that sticks with you, demands your undivided attention, opens up worlds of potential, and ultimately matures you as a writer? The story of your heart?

That’s the story I’m writing about. (And obsessively making a pinterest board for)

I won’t bug with you with all my flailing over how much I completely adore this story (yes, writers, it’s okay to be obsessed and in love with your own work…it’s your brain child, after all), but I will give you a brief summary.

*cracks knuckles* Let’s do this.

Kaelan Gavern has lived in the Graylands all her life, stripped of any real humanity. The wars dividing her world and the Tones, the entities that create color and keep them in harmony, has left her bitter, without peace. When she’s forced to leave her home, she and her brother Arec, who can’t ever seem to find a downside to anything, meet a mysterious woman who tells them that the wars can be stopped and the Tones can be restored to the way they once were–the way they should be.

And it’s entirely up to Kaelan. Now, the fate of the Tones, her people in the Graylands, and the warring kingdoms are balanced on her shoulders.

*collapses for a year* THAT WAS SO STRESSFUL. I’ve never publically shared what this story is about, so I just need you to love it, okay? I need everyone to be nice and precious humans and only tell me how amazing it sounds. I’M NOT READY FOR ANYTHING ELSE. (Don’t judge it by the blurb, seriously they’re my kryptonite and I loathe them with a passion, they suck and I suck at writing them. The story isn’t half bad, I swear.)

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone (basically future readers, because this story hopefully will be published someday), but just know…much death abounds within these pages.

What, you were expecting more? Sure, there’s more, maybe even some good parts, but mostly just violence and blood and death. That’s how I roll. #sorrynotsorry


So, now that you know a little bit about TTR, let’s talk Camp NaNo! I’ll be doing it this month! Eeeeeeeee. I’m in a cabin with (among others) Lena, Wendy, and Aimee, some of my very favorite writer peeps (or peeps in general), and I have no chill. So much flailing and writing and fun is going to go down. I can’t wait!

But here’s the kicker.

I’m bringing TTR to Realm Makers with me (yes, so stressful. I’m giving this to people to read…people who aren’t me), and there’s nowhere near an end in sight for this sucker. And remember I just said RM is in 3 weeks…? YEAH. SO MUCH ANXIETY OVER THIS. So, for Camp NaNo, I’ll be writing 60k words for TTR, hopefully ending the story with time to mildly revise the really awful parts before RM. I need so much prayer, guys, it’s not even funny.


Anyway. That’s all I have. But I need to know! What’s been up with all of you lately? I’ve missed seeing your beautiful humanly faces (here on the blog, that is)! What have you been reading/writing lately? WILL I SEE YOU AT REALM MAKERS? (Don’t be surprised if you here me howling if you say yes) Are you doing Camp NaNo? What’s your goal? Tell me all the things, friends! I’ve missed you! 🙂

Baby Steps

As I sit here, wondering about what to write next, I find myself face-palming. This is my first post since the launch. *ultra cringe 10 times over* I’ve had Of Bleeding Pens and Pages for almost a month now and I’m already proving to be a procrastinator with it. How typical of me!

Well, that’s what I’m going to talk about today. Now, I know what you may be thinking. “Zac is going to talk about procrastination?”

Ha. Nope.

Well…kind of. In a way. Not really. Oh, good grief, you’ll see what I mean!

So as I mentioned, Of Bleeding Pens and Pages is almost a month old now. (WHERE DID MY BABY GO?) And, as I also mentioned, I’ve been procrastinating with it.

Why? Because, honestly, it scares me. A lot.

Not the blog itself, really. (Although…if technology ever takes over the world, the blog might come to life and hunt me down in anger because of my resentment. Don’t look at me like that, IT COULD HAPPEN. YOU NEVER KNOW.) More of the responsibility of it. Its image. And my faithfulness to it. This blog relies completely on me. It’s not going to take care of itself and thrive alone. I’m the one who has to spread the word, to earn its following, to share it with the world.

That is what scares me.

Being the procrastinator I am, if I don’t keep up with Of Bleeding Pens and Pages…it’s going to fall, flat on its virtual face. And it won’t be able to pick itself back up. It will be crippled. Abandoned. Invisible.

See, something I’ve already learned from my time in the blogging world is this: a blog is like a child. It has to be nourished, fed, checked on regularly. It needs attention, love, commitment. Without all those things, it will suffer. Scream into blackness. It will be alone. And eventually, it will fade. Sure, it will still be there, available to find…but it will be painful, heartbreaking to look upon. Because, yes. It’s dead.

That’s not what I want for this blog. I am as a parent to it; I must take care of it, through thick and thin. It completely relies on me.


I can’t push it. It’s just a baby. It can’t have all the attention and hundreds-maybe one day thousands!-of followers. Not yet. It’s not ready for that. It-I-will not know how to handle it. It’s not ready to fully extend its wings and fly and sing into the world of blogging.

And I’m okay with that.

Baby steps are necessary, in everything you do. You can’t rush into something, expecting to know everything and be fully experienced immediately. You have to learn. There are so many things that you did not know when you signed up for it. Some are good, some not. It’s almost always unexpected.

But you learn. You become more well-grounded in it. That’s how you grow. That’s how anything grows.

And that’s how Of Bleeding Pens and Pages will go. We-I, it-will start out small. Taking baby steps. We will learn along the way. We will grow. Become more mature, more grounded.

And we will thrive. We will see much success, prayerfully.

We will fly. We will sing. We will inspire. Eventually.

For now, I’m just soaking in the moments of watching it grow. And it’s beautiful.


Interview With Zac Tyson of Of Bleeding Pens and Pages

The wonderful Wendy interviewed me over at her amazing blog! Go check it out. 🙂

The Jumping Bean



*ahem* *folds hands primly*

Zac is from the newly established (AND TOTALLY EPIC) Of Bleeding Pens and Pages and has so very, very kindly agreed for me to interview him today. I am obviously very excited, so let’s get down to business, shall we?

1.) Who is the character you have the most fun writing about in your WIP These the Restorers?

 Err, all of them? They’re all my preciouses…that’s like asking me to pick my favorite child (if I had children)!
Fine, I’ll pick.
I’d say Jensen, solely because he’s 11 and kids are the best. Plus he’s whimsical and smart and no-nonsense, yet despite his rough life, still maintains his innocence and spirit of adventure. When he’s first introduced, he’s a pocket thief with a closed heart and lack of trust. He’s been alone most of his life–people have always seemed cruel to…

View original post 705 more words

Would You Rather Book Tag

Thanks to Rivka Ray over at 26 Countless Possibilities for tagging me! 🙂


Would you rather read only trilogies or stand-alones?

Trilogies, definitely! I love a continuing story where characters can be more fleshed out and the plot can grow more high-stakes. And some of my favorite books are in trilogies, so… 😉


Would you rather read only male or female authors?

This is a tough one…I read mostly YA, and a lot of YA authors are female, so probably female authors! I do enjoy some male authors’ stories though.

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Whoa. 😮 This is a tough one. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon, but Barnes and Noble will forever be my favorite store! I mean, c’mon…it smells like books and coffee!

Would you rather have books become TV shows or movies?

Well, seeing how both can butcher a book, I’m tedious on both counts. The Hunger Games and Lord of the Rings movie adaptations, I think, did really well! I haven’t watched very many book-to-TV adaptations, though so…movies?

Would you rather read fives pages a day, or five books a week?

Five books a week, duh. 😛 Who wouldn’t want that????

Would you rather be a professional reviewer or author?

Well, it’s kinda sorta my dream to be a published author, so…there ya go.

Would you rather only read your top 20 favorite books over and over again, or always read new ones you’ve never read before?

Erm…always read new ones! I don’t do much rereading. If I liked it enough, the story will never truly leave me, so I don’t need to reread it anyways. Bits of it are always playing in my mind. 😉

Would you rather be a librarian or bookseller?

Seeing as I love the library, probably librarian! Either way, I get to recommend lovely books all the time.

Would you rather read only your favorite genre(s) or anything but your favorite?

My favorites all the time, duh. 😀 GIMME ALL THE YA FANTASY AND SCI-FI AND I’LL BE GOOD.

Would you rather read only physical books or e-books?

PHYSICAL. I love obsessively stroking/hugging/sniffing my books. *shameless*



Well, that was fun! Thanks again for the tag! Go check out; Rebecca and Sierra are awesome! 🙂

I tag: Lena at Read, Write, Laugh, Dance, and Wendy at The Jumping Bean

Closing out the launch…

Well. This has been fun.

There was more I wanted to do, and yet, I think all that happened was perfect. I couldn’t have imagined a better turnout for this launch. 🙂

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by/dropped a comment/followed. I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me. I’ve been notified several times saying my stats are booming. How cool is that?! And it’s all because of you.

But most of all (*epic, inspiring, heartwarming music begins to play*) I want to thank everyone who helped me with this launch. Whether it was interviewing me or asking me to do a guest post, helping me with technical difficulties (this is one dude who’s not tech savvy), or just sending me an encouraging word (my gosh, so many of you): thank you. You were my glue through this whole thing. This launch wouldn’t have happened without every single one of you. I’m honored to call you all friends.

…And just so you know, you all now have my undying love. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be more loving and loyal than a golden lab. 😉 (This will not prevent me from flailing, BTW…but that’s irrelevant.)

I hoped you all enjoyed yourselves tonight, and I pray to see all your lovely faces around here again! 😀 You made this night one of the greatest.

Happy reading, bookworms!

Giveaway time!

I’m giving away a Kindle copy of Storm Siren by Mary Weber! To enter, just comment or share this post. 🙂 (Extra point if shared on social media).

Also, I’m giving away a Kindle copy of A Time to Die as well (plus extra swag from the author). Go to my interview with Nadine here and enter there! (Same rules)

SO SHARE SHARE SHARE. Winners will be randomly chosen next week. Good luck!!!

How this blog came to be

When I joined Twitter last year (I’VE ALMOST BEEN ON TWITTER FOR A YEAR YOU GUYS), I met lots and lots of great writers that eventually came to be friends and fellow flailers. They all had blogs, and here I was…


For years, I wanted a blog. But I didn’t have the time or dedication to actually make one. I told myself I would just wait until I became an author, then make a full-blown, fancy-schmany website. My own website. I could do without a blog.


I started getting hounded (I say this lovingly, okay?) by my Tweeps: “ZAC WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A BLOG?”, “DO YOU HAVE A BLOG ZAC?”, “WHEN’S THIS BLOG-THING GONNA HAPPEN, ZAC?” “ZAC ZAC ZAC, BLOG BLOG BLOG.”

Honestly, I loved it. So many people were saying I should start a blog! Maybe it wouldn’t be such a hard, time-consuming thing… 🙂

So I agreed. I said, “What the heck?” A blog was starting to sound fun! I announced a blog would be coming in 2016.

Then 2016 rolled around. AND SUDDENLY I WAS COMPLETELY UNPREPARED. This blog thing was actually happening… *shrill in the distance*

It was time. I gathered together my Twitter/writer friends and told them I needed ALL THE HELP. And they were so encouraging, so uplifting, so helpful, so…fantastic! This blog wouldn’t have launched tonight (or at all) without them. So thank you and a round of applause to each and every one of you! You know who you are. 😉

I hope through Of Bleeding Pens and Pages, writers and readers alike can come together and escape from the outside world to dive into and discuss all things bookish. I don’t just want any other blog…I want a blog that inspires. That warms hearts and speaks to souls. That makes people want to come back and visit again because once wasn’t enough!

If just one person is inspired by Of Bleeding Pens and Pages, my mission has been a success.